When we talk about logistics, it involves all the process associated with the transportation of goods from one country to other using cargo shipments. It's done either by sea or air, and it takes a lot of coordination and communication to keep the parties involved in the deal informed about the state of their merchandise. If the company tasked with the shipment has to deal with temperature-controlled goods such as medical supplies or raw materials for the food industry, the process become a downright nightmare.

The Red Tape behind a Single Shipment

Just take into account the amount of credentials and documents that must be presented by law for one temperature-controlled freight shipment. It begins with an origin manifesto of the materials being transported, a safety sheet, an airway bill, a bill of lading, a transport order, customs declaration documents, bills and invoices related to the merchandise, a data sheet, storage conditions manifesto and a transport conditions manifesto, as well as all the licenses required in the country of origin, and the one where the shipment will arrive.

A Solution in the form of Blockchain Technology

Even with modern SAP optimization, the flood of information in the form of e-mails regarding each shipment can be too much for a single company to handle. That's why this particular market is so competitive, and that's where Smart Containers comes in. The company has taken the time to evaluate how the flood of information related to specific shipments can be handled in an opportune fashion and after much consideration, they have concluded that Blockchain technology has the desired capabilities to keep track of each consignment no matter the volumes, the type of user, or the scale of their operation.

Speeding up a Slow Process

Smart Containers is looking to speed up the shipment process of raw materials and medical supplies around the world as well as any other good requiring a temperature-controlled environment for transportation. The primary goal is to handle every single step related to a shipment using the blockchain network offered by the company in the form of the Logi Chain ecosystem. By managing shipments with this platform there will be no need to do constant follow up process using emails, and the billing and checkup of each container will be handled using smart contracts and the system customary digital currency.

How to Track Every Shipment under the Sun?

So far, the plan to make this work is by linking the physical logistic unit to a chip that mirrors its presence on the blockchain ecosystem. The technology on itself is quite inexpensive, and it can handle a right amount of information regarding all the legal specs related to the material or products being transported. The information that needs to be public will be available in the ecosystem to all the parties interested in the transaction.

Sensitive information will require a verification process that will be manageable on a need to know basis, either by the handler or by the proper authorities doing customs verifications. In the end, it is up to the parties involved to know which documents will be made available for the sake of making the transaction as smooth as possible.

The Information provided by Logi Chain

As it's currently conceived the Logi Chain Ecosystem can inform even the slightest disturbance suffered by a shipment, from delays on delivery time to variations on the levels of CO2 present inside the container, as well as all the details pertinent to the temperature of the materials being transported.

Since all this information is available in real time, there will be no need for human interaction when it comes to checking the status of each shipment. A quick check up on a smart device will let the parties involved know when the process comes through.

The system will be open to freight forwarders, airlines, customs, container handlers, pooling companies and everyone in between that has an interest in the shipping of a specific cargo.

All the transactions related to the payment of the involved parties will be handled using the Logi Token, and these can be forwarded on the ecosystem instantly to overcome the issue of slow payments processes that have plagued this industry for years.

The company certainly seems ready to work out great solutions to problems that could save a lot of money to companies dealing goods in the long run. To learn more about their offering you can check https://smartcontainers.ch.


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