Smart Containers: Temperature Controlled Containers on the Blockchain

Smart Containers Group is a Swiss-based tech company, which provides safe containers for the transportation of food and temperature-sensitive medication. Their containers use the Blockchain to provide an in-depth record of cargo temperature.

How Do Smart Containers Work?

Their main aim is to ensure that the food and pharma products are delivered to every corner of the globe. The company has used the latest technology to develop their containers. The containers have Internet-of-Things-based sensors, that connect to the cloud and store information.

Furthermore, the IoT sensors connect to each other and have the ability to track each other through the Blockchain. The monitoring ensures that the temperature of these products stays consistent for the duration of the trip.

The Revolution of the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry has been growing exponentially for quite a while. Thanks to the invention of parcel tracking software, people can send any goods basically anywhere in the world. And as goods become more sensitive, the need for a new trusted transportation infrastructure increases.

Both the food and pharma industries now need a higher level of security during the transportation of their products. Both industries have become more tech-based in recent years. Yet the logistics of food and pharma still have some challenges ahead.

Current Problems of the Food and Pharma Industries

Every year, companies spend more than 13.4 billion dollars on the transport of temperature-sensitive products. However, the performance of package and logistics solutions doesn’t meet the requirements of certain goods.

US-based pharma companies, throw away more than 2.5 billion dollars’ worth of goods every year. This happens due to improper conditions during transport. According to the research from the WHO (The World Health Organization), nearly 40% of vaccines have to be discarded due to temperature deviation during transportation.

The food industry, on the other hand, is facing similar problems. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization, in industrialized countries, food losses amount to 680 billion dollars on a yearly level. And the food waste occurs at each stage of the supply chain – from the farm to the consumer.

Enter Smart Containers Group

The Smart Containers Group has been solving logistical problems for eight years now. They’ve managed to achieve considerable success through SkyCell, their first decision company. In five years, SkyCell managed to become the fourth largest pharmaceutical container provider.

The company’s second division – FoodGuardians – is their entry into the food logistics industry. The SCG is currently negotiating partnerships with many big players in this industry. The second division is going to provide high-tech containers, while their future partners will take care of a fast route to the market.

The SCG Initial Offering

In total, the company is trying to raise 40 million dollars across two coins. The company will raise 36 million through the SMARC token. They will use the funds raised to scale the SkyCell business. Exactly 20% of dividends will be paid out in Ethereum coins.

Furthermore, they will raise the rest of the fund through the LOGI token. This token will be used to pay transactions in the LOGI CHAIN ecosystem once a couple of logistic companies enter the ecosystem and start shipping within it.

The Bottom Line

Some of you might be wondering – why is this ICO so interesting for the crypto community? Well, there are more than a few reasons. Some of them are:

· This is a well-established company with an existing revenue, and most ICO’s have nothing more than an interesting idea and a whitepaper

· SkyCell of the SMG (Smart Containers Group) has around 100 unique patents and two partners – Cargolux and Emirates – that allow their technology to access the industry.

· The organization has a proven track-record, and they are planning to establish a well-thought-out and profitable logistics system

You can buy SMARC and LOGI coins on their official website. The minimum investment has been fixed at 500 dollars. If you want to know more about the project, we recommend you download their whitepaper by clicking here.