Streamity project aims to develop the most effective market platform that deals with peer to peer mode of crypto exchange.

A new method of exchange to deal cryptocurrency transactions

Cryptocurrency is gradually developing to be 21st century’s most effective money form, completely endowed with features to secure your operations in all areas of the globe; this has made it money’s future. Since 2009, various forms of cryptocurrency have stormed the market. Some of them have proven to be useful to users while others were created for a defined purpose; but as it stands, all cryptos are very useful in our world today especially to those who believe in its use.

However, there is a need to meet the demands of the market by diminishing the irregularities involved with all existent cryptocurrencies. Users usually outline other issues related to flaws, user discontent, and system malfunctions. Irregularities ranging from long periods of server blackouts, which has led to the loss of millions of dollars by users to mischievous hackers taking full control of user deposits, are critical issues facing some crypto exchanges.

Streamity is a very realistic project brought about by well-known crypto experts. This project hopes to revamp the crypto exchange system and regain its lost glory of handling transactions very quickly and at the lowest possible cost. It also hopes to take crypto exchange to greater heights by executing the STM (Streamity tokens) to be utilized for all transactions in its Network. The tokens will also make provisions for exchanges with other notable cryptocurrencies. It will include the world’s most traded Fiat Currencies.


Streamity’s key element is the StreamDesk. The StreamDesk is a unique peer to peer crypto exchange platform. Its services are fully automatic at low market prices and commissions and use smart contracts to ensure your exchange is highly secure.

StreamDesk connects new users which result in an increased demand for Streamity tokens which will be traded openly in major crypto exchange markets. The StreamDesk is a very profitable service as it enables users to convert crypto to fiat money.

Streamity offers a range of services, each serving as an independent entity namely: investment, analysis and news integration, user-friendly, fast data submissions as well as educational resources. These features function effectively using artificial intelligence and the blockchain technology.

Speed, encapsulation, and low-cost design

One of the trademarks of this project (Streamity) is enhancing crypto transaction speed. Its team has noted this issue and has taken positive steps and putting in significant efforts to solve this problem for users.

Streamity has also made the best-ever achievement in designing an application for smart contracts known as the StreamDesk aggregator that makes possible the exchange of cryptocurrencies to FIAT in the absence of mediators or intermediaries. This results in error free and fast transactions excluding influence from intermediaries and at a reduced cost.

Streamity will also include all types of cryptocurrencies available in the market, and it is designed to carry out crypto conversion between various platforms instantly.

Evading all hack attempts via smart contracts secured transactions

The Streamity system is highly protected against hacks, and its transactions are also channeled through a very secure lane. It achieved this by integrating Ethereum’s smart contract service into its algorithm for processing transactions. Smart contracts alone does not ensure safeguarded and completed transactions.

Its developers have yet an additional security characteristic which is its Control of timing. The algorithm that makes the control of timing possible allows the addition of each transaction to a smart contract within a specified time frame otherwise canceled and returned to the original user.

On its forthcoming platform, Streamity can make all these feasible by adding a user verification feature.


Despite regulatory issues sounding cryptocurrencies, there is an increasing interest in the use of digital assets, and Streamity hopes to present a unique cryptocurrency exchange that meets the needs of both investors and traders. Streamity is set to offer features such as high security against hacks, lower fees and commissions, carrying out secure and complete transactions with high speed, control of timing, and carrying out the instant crypto conversion.

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