SyncFab, a leader in supply-chain management, has announced their first Token Sale. They are famous for their business-to-business platform which deals with precision parts production.

The Utility Token Sale is an introduction to their MFG token, which will provide an easier interaction between buyers and manufacturers. Furthermore, the sale also serves as a ground for establishing blockchain technology.

Their utility market will open the doors to many opportunities. Supply-chain purchase supervisors will be able to supply domestic production further. Apart from them, third-party design companies and CNC machine shops are going to advance as well.

SyncFab wanted to make sure the transactions are as secure as possible. Therefore, they are using Smart contracts on their blockchain technology.

Platform and SyncFab Utility Token Sale

From October 16th, potential buyers and manufacturers will be able to get hold of the tokens. You can find more information about this process on

Apart from the tokens, SyncFab also announced their newly redesigned platform. It now includes online transactions, as well as optimized page loading time. In addition, they have added a thorough search feature, and the orders will have a much better flow.

The man behind SyncFab is Jeremy Goodwin. When asked about their plans, he said that they are leading the way to a smart production and supply. By using blockchain technology, they will be able to make economies-of-scale manufacturing available to everyone.

Their main aim is to help their customers manage their supply chains efficiently. By using their service, buyers will be able to cut their conversations with suppliers short.

In addition, SyncFab stresses the importance of security and efficiency of their system. Their automated platform will solve burning manufacturer issues, such as small marketing budgets and underused capacities.

Goodwin says that the smart manufacturing potential lies in precision parts manufacturing. However, it has to be data-optimized. It won’t be like Alibaba, which connects cheap manufacturers in China to buyers all over the world.

SyncFab will cater to the US and European markets. They will link supply-chain purpose supervisors with undervalued, poorly utilized smart producers. Those producers are the ones with the advanced CNC machine shops. Once they connect, prices will drop, and everyone will be able to collaborate with a variety of innovative factories.

What do we know about SyncFab?

Jeremy Goodwin founded the company in Silicon Valley in 2013. Nowadays, they are well-known for their low-cost solutions which solve many problems supply-chain buyers and national producers face.

They first came out with a platform called Design-For-Manufacturability. Afterward, they evolved to a supply-chain which uses a mobilization platform in their services.

Their platform allows them to match potential buyers with their vast network of machine stores and production facilities. However, they have to be “local and clean” and manufacturing according to ISO 50001 energy standard.

Their platform is actually a new and improved B2B ecosystem. Through it, they are allowing the buyers to manage, track, and secure parts production properly. That, in turn, makes local manufacturers a more desirable choice. In addition, it also makes the local production a rather rewarding process.

The Internet, along with blockchain and Internet payments, also creates a more transparent bidding process.

Among others, their customers also include the best 50 industrial makers in the Northern California area.

Furthermore, SyncFab is also known for its collaboration with both national and municipal authorities. They regularly participate in initiatives that help boost civic innovation and economic development.




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