TEKY: The Future Go-To Company for All Things Smart Tech

The demand for technology has increased with each decade, and the educational sector has not been quiet about its needs. Governments around the world are beginning to give instructional technology a sizeable amount from their budgets to supplement how children between 4-18 years learn. While the demand is there, the supply of these products is rather low.

If you’re looking for children’s smart toys, you’ll have a range of e-commerce platforms to choose from. However, getting STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) technology for education and play, you’ll find that it’s a rather hard task. Several factors affect their availability.

The availability of STEM products

An e-commerce website focusing on STEM education toys for a global market is rare. The e-commerce websites available lack product diversity and have poor customer service. Mainstream sites like Amazon offer a limited selection of tech toy products. They only provide big brand names, locking out other equally good and cheaper manufacturers from distributing their products. For example, you can get quality products from the Chinese market for less.

LEGO Education, Ozobot, Arduino microchip devices and 3D printers are some of the few STEM products on the market. While it’s great that children can use these products to enhance their education, they are still mostly unaware of how the products they are using work. Generally speaking, it is not to say that there is no interest in smart technology. The reason we can’t tell it exists is that bubbles of online communities share knowledge, but not much else happens after.

TEKY’s solutions

TEKY (Tech for Young) Holdings, founded in 2016, is a company under the Technology and Education industry known for its innovation in education. It is one of the few e-retailers of smart technology based toys and educational programs. Their goal is to become the top e-commerce website in the world providing quality tech products and toys. They will also allow payment of goods via cryptocurrency; this makes them the first site of its nature to accept this currency.

The platform will be launched on http://MEK.store and will provide smart toys and tech products for all ages (children and adults alike). Their drop-ship model will have two distribution centers, one in the USA and the other in China.

The blockchain technology used on the MEK platform is based on Ethereum smart contracts. The reason why blockchains appeal by companies and individuals who transact a lot is that they are transparent and payment transfers only happen once a product or service gets delivered.

Diverse product categories

The immense product range that TEKY promises to deliver should make anyone into tech excited. They will focus on electronics and audio, smart new technology (IOTs), tech toys and gadgets for all ages, STEM toys for children in different age brackets between 4-18 and engineering parts, toolkits and accessories.

They will also have the TEKY Academy with franchisees, lab chains and online course for children aged 4-17. The educational categories that users can delve into are 3D Technology & Multimedia, Robotics and Engineering and Programming & Application. Online communities can now bring their knowledge, innovation, and technical know-how into practice.

The payment methods, apart from cryptocurrency, will be internationally accepted services such as PayPal and MasterCard. At a later stage, it’ll offer non-credit card MEK users the ability to pay through local payment gateways integrated into the platform.

TEKY promises to meet the demands of governments, institutions and individuals alike with their full range of smart tech products. The ease with which these parties will be able to access them through the MEK e-commerce will not only increase demand but also radically transform the face of education around the globe.

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