TEKY (Tech for Young) Holding first started out as a research project in 2015 before being registered as a company in 2016. It falls under the Technology and Education industry and has evolved to develop and have success in education innovation. Their achievements have earned the company a place in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. TEKY is one of the few e-retailers of toys and educational programs based on smart technology. They aim to empower both the present and future generation of robotics, programming, and technology, and spark rapid growth in the robotic and artificial intelligence workforce.

The Australian Government and the Melbourne University in 2017 recognized TEKY as the most outstanding project tailored toward making a future positive impact in Southeast Asia. NextGen Women Entrepreneurs Program in Switzerland selected TEKY as a Top Four project in June 2017.

The three founders of the company, Emme Dao, Jack Yang and Luca Mohammadi, have combined experience in Education, E-commerce and Technology. Riding on their success in South East Asia, they are now scaling their business into a global one, with offices in Guangzhou (China), Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, both in Vietnam, and San Jose in California USA.

Education and toys

TEKY has two main business areas; Education Technology, that is, the TEKY Academy and Technology Toys, also known as the TEKY Marketplace.

TEKY Academy has franchisees, lab chains and online course for children aged 4-17. The educational categories are 3D Technology & Multimedia, Robotics and Engineering and Programming & Application Development. TEKY is the first company in the world allowing payments for both online and offline courses in cryptocurrency. These programs are currently only based in Vietnam, but plans for expansion to other Southeast Asia countries is underway. They are targeting the 600 million people living in that region with a focus on the young and those who can quickly uptake cutting edge technology.

TEKY Makerspace operates an Ecommerce platform known as MEK.store. It specializes in smart-tech toys and gadgets ranging from robots, drones, VR equipment, computers, mobile phones and 3D printers, for children of all ages. Their STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) educational toy products are also available at the marketplace. Children learning about or interested in tech have near endless options in the ways they can learn about and through technology.

The ecosystem is comprised of technology and creative enthusiast in the areas smart houses, robotics, 3D products among others who work together to share knowledge and their projects. The brainchild MEK.store is officially the first B2C e-commerce website targeting the global market.

Currently, 1,000 students have benefited from the learning courses that TEKY offer and an additional ten thousand in 10 Vietnam schools used STEM.

Their primary aim is to be the top technology education based ecosystem using STEM Education Systems and a B2C Tech-toy online transaction platform designed for the young generation worldwide to both create and consume.

The issuing TKC Tokens through the ICO process as a currency for payment of products and services on their MEK.store platform and MEK Academy began in early November 2017. This move will create a leading competitive advantage in the field of cryptocurrency.


Purchase and payments get facilitated through the creation of TOKEN TKC. The target consumer for millennials, the future partakes of the STEM educational products and services. This token will, therefore, be the first in circulation that can be used to pay for the education and household demands of children. It sets the precedence for TKC becoming the popular currency for learning and consumption in the future.

Links of interest:

Website: https://ico.tekycorp.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tekyico

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tekyico


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