Trading Bitcoin using Binary Options is an innovative and intriguing solution that combines two great investing opportunities: binary options trading normally fixed in place in the market, and investment Bitcoin digital currency, which is an interesting alternative to the forex market. Stated, binary option is an option that guarantees investors a predetermined profit percentage, which renders the ratio of the transaction rate to the expiration value useless.

However, the question remains, why not trade Bitcoin normally or alternatively, why trade binary options rather than Bitcoin, and commodities like gold or oil or other indices and exchanges in the U.S. and Europe?

Experts recommend using the binary options Bitcoin trade for several reasons: First, there is a lower threshold than the binary options purchase of Bitcoin; the price is relatively high today. Open an account, with no need to transfer funds from the bank and tracking Bitcoin currency exchange trading and trends in the world.

Great profit in the short term

There is high probability to profit in a short time and a trader can withdraw earnings without fear. Please note that just recently mt . gox Bitcoin exchange shut down, this  was a major bitcoin exchange market , where investors lost $ 340 million Bitcoin held there. When trading Bitcoin using Binary options you are not actually holding Bitcoins, only trading the options.

Why invest in Bitcoin options and not in indices, various commodities or Forex?

Because when trading bitcoin you don’t experience radical effect of market conditions as when trading different commodities, or Forex. Besides, Bitcoin binary option trading is much more predictable then regular Forex trading EUR or USD. It means that, if you identify a specific trend there is a higher chance that it will continue at the same direction. Thing that makes binary options trading using Bitcoin less of a gamble in that regard.


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