Travis TestNet: How CyberMiles is Changing the Blockchain

CyberMiles – Master Plan

CyberMiles is the company behind Travis, the first e-commerce blockchain. Their vision is something that will, without a doubt, change the blockchain world.

While creating the project, they had a few goals in mind:

  • They wanted to create a public blockchain.

  • That same blockchain had to be optimized for e-commerce apps.

A one-size-fits-all blockchain is not the best solution for this technology. According to CyberMiles, there should be more of them, and they have to cover every protocol. Each one of them has to be optimized so that it can work properly.

CyberMiles was founded by people who have experience with Open Source software. Hence, they know how important it is to collaborate with others while fixing specific issues, such as platform lock-in. By changing the blockchain, they will also create a larger network.

However, there are certain demands that their project has to meet. For instance, the platform has to be compatible with Cosmos network and Ethereum. Otherwise, app developers will not be able to move the crypto assets and the code freely across blockchains.

Their main goals are:

  1. Create a platform that will be fully compatible with Ethereum. Optimize it for e-commerce.

  2. Introduce helpful extensions to the platform which will support intricate e-commerce contracts. These extensions include Virtual Machine-level and Language-level.

  3. Allow users to freely use the tokens on other blockchains as well.

CyberMiles – First TestNet Release

While focusing on their first goal, CyberMiles decided on its first TestNet release. It has a curious name – Travis – and it represents a fantastic alternative to Ethereum. That means that they will be able to implement it in e-commerce successfully.

Important facts about Travis:

  • Even though it works faster than Ethereum, Travis is still fully compatible with it. Thus, it can handle Ethereum smart contracts and even DApps (Decentralized Applications).

  • When compared to Ethereum, Travis has better safety precautions. The blockchain features an elaborate technological design that allows it to stop specific Ethereum bugs and issues. Ethereum has a well-known problem that causes loss of fund. However, by using an on-chain governance process, CyberMiles can quickly fix this through community consensus.

  • Unlike Ethereum, this blockchain is cheap and more user-friendly. Moreover, it doesn’t charge fees for common transactions. However, if you are worried about the network’s security – there is no need. The blockchain has a way of waiving fees without compromising security.

When is the Launch?

Travis TestNet will go live on March 31. Until then, be patient and check for news regularly.

Right now, there are seven Travis TestNet validator nodes all over the world. However, the company will increase that number because the community is still growing. In addition, the community picks the validators by implementing a staking process.

If you are interested, you can run a full node and become a validator candidate. But, bear in mind that you will have to be voted the official validator by the community.

There is a lot of false advertising and spam in this industry. To prevent that, CyberMiles Foundation introduced a vetting process to help the community make the right choice while picking the validators. Thus, once they have the correct information, they can vote for certain candidates. The one with the most votes becomes the official validator.

Still, CyberMiles decided against enforcing these rules now. So, if you want to become a validator, you just have to contact them and ask.

What Does the Future Hold for CyberMiles?

CyberMiles will keep working on certain features after the Travis TestNet goes live. These features will allow them to enhance their blockchain, and maybe even help it beat Ethereum.

They will first build a highly optimized virtual machine. This machine will be enterprise-ready and fast, and it will support business contracts. In addition to that, they will also try to bring certain Ethereum assets to their blockchain. But, they will do it calmly and in a collaborative manner – the whole point is to allow asset transfer and trade across different blockchains.

Who is Travis?

You might have noticed the strange code name CyberMiles is using for their project. But, the name itself is not too unusual.

The company has roots in Texas, and they wanted to pay homage to Texas Revolution heroes. Thus, they used the name of William B. Travis, a well-known lieutenant colonel and commander. He fought and died in the Battle of Alamo. However, he is famous for his “Victory or Death” letter.

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