About CyberMiles

When it comes to blockchain technology, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. What’s more, every application protocol should have an optimized blockchain.

CyberMiles knows this, and because of that, their main goal is to create a public blockchain. In addition, they will also build a platform which will use smart contracts. That same platform will be used for e-commerce apps.

The people behind CyberMiles have significant experience in Open Source software, and they know the importance of teamwork. Therefore, they aim to collaborate with others and eliminate issues involving the platform lock-in, as well as build a larger network.

Ethereum compatibility is essential, which is why they will make their blockchain platform fully compatible with it. Also, the platform has to agree with the Cosmos network requirements. That will allow the app developers to freely transfer crypto assets and the code across different blockchains.

CyberMiles - Goals

  1. They will create a platform which will be fully compatible with Ethereum. Also, it will be greatly optimized so that they can use it for e-commerce.

  2. The smart contract platform will have many features, including different extensions like the Virtual Machine-level and Language-level extension. Thus, the platform will be able to create and execute intricate e-commerce contracts.

  3. Users will be able to exchange the tokens on other blockchains.

Who is Travis?

It’s not a question of “who,” but “what.” Travis is actually a code name, and it is related to their first goal. Travis is the first version of the CyberMiles TestNet, which is a powerful Ethereum alternative for e-commerce.

Here are a few facts you should know about Travis:

  • Travis has the necessary Ethereum compatibility. You can use it to run DApps and Ethereum smart contracts. But, unlike Ethereum, it is 100 times faster, which means that you will not have to wait too long for the transactions to go through.

  • When it comes to safety, it easily beats Ethereum. CyberMiles has built a blockchain that can eliminate common Ethereum bugs. Those bugs include Ethereum loss of fund and similar issues. However, if that problem occurs, CyberMiles has a fix. They have an on-chain governance process which will recover the fund. How? By using community consensus and maintaining transparency at the same time.

  • Unlike Ethereum, it will not make you go over your budget. Moreover, it is a user-friendly platform. CyberMiles blockchain avoids charging fees for common transactions without compromising the network’s security.

When Can You Start Using It?

If you want to use the Travis TestNet, you will have to wait until March 31. After the press event, the public will gain access to it.

When it comes to validator nodes, this platform has seven of them around the world. As the community grows, so will the number of nodes. That is because the validators have to go through a staking process which enables the community to select them.

CyberMiles used the Open Source model for its software, and you can get it from Github. If you want, you are more than welcome to run a full node by yourself. Thus, you can become a validator candidate.

But, just like with any other software, scams and conflict of interests are common. Hence, the CyberMiles Foundation has come up with a vetting process that will “sift” through validators and prevent spam, network degradation, and false advertising. That way, the community will have the right information before making their choice. After the staking process, they will vote for the official validator.

However, since Travis TestNet is the first version, CyberMiles is not too strict about these rules just yet. So, if you want to become a validator, all you have to do is contact them and ask.

Future Plans

Once the Travis TestNet launches, CyberMiles will start working on improving it. They will try to enhance the blockchain and bring it to another level. They aim to make it better than Ethereum.

The first step is to build a virtual machine. That machine will be highly optimized and ready to be used by more demanding customers. Its purpose is to support business contracts efficiently.

In addition, the company also wants to implement Ethereum assets on the CyberMiles blockchain. But, they don’t want to complicate it or hard fork it. The aim is to do it cooperatively. That will allow the asset trade across many different blockchains.

Code Name Travis

There is a great story behind the code name Travis. The company’s roots are in Texas, and William B. Travis was a Texas Revolution hero. A commander and a lieutenant colonel, Travis fought in the Battle of Alamo. Before he died there, he wrote “Victory or Death.”

For more visit:

Website: http://www.cybermiles.io/

Whitepaper: http://www.cybermiles.io/vision/


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