Unibright: A Versatile Solution for Blockchain-Based Business

Project Unibright has been developed by a Germany-based company that has 20 years of experience developing the blockchain based business solutions. It is a model tool of its merit in the business integration community with the worlds hefty business clients like Samsung, Siemens, Lufthansa, Shell, and Unilever.

It came as a realization that companies require to harness the power of the blockchain technology. This is because the applications of the blockchain technology in the real world of business is inevitable. However, very few of such companies know how to use the blockchain technology for maximum benefit.

The Unibright Key Features for Blockchain based Business

Unibright focuses on making it easy for such companies to use the blockchain technology and enjoy its promises and the much-desired results. It is a unified framework for doing business with the blockchain technology. Unibright is coveted for its user-friendly interface that has already premade templates and generates every application automatically. This feature makes it easy for everyone to use the blockchain even for those starting to use it.

Visual Workflow

Unibright also understands that there are a few experts that are capable of developing blockchain applications. These experts are proofing to be very expensive to be hired by those companies who want to use smart contracts in their business dealings.

Project Unibright has therefore developed a visual workflow feature that allows almost every user to create a robust solution for their business on the blockchain. This workflow does not require any person or user to learn any coding language, to be a super blockchain user, developer or learn blockchain to use it. Instead, everything is done visually.

The Unibright Smart Contract Life Cycle Manager

Additionally, there is no difficulty in deploying and updating of smart contracts from any source blockchain platform. The Unibright Smart Contract Life Cycle Manager is a feature that turns the predesigned and applied workflows visually to the codes. This allows the system to generate and deploy smart contracts from the source blockchain automatically.

The Unibright Explorer

We earlier mentioned that employees, managers or any other persons do not need to understand blockchain to use it. Apparently, a lot of people still do not understand what blockchain is and its concepts. The business people are always worried and uncertain of the outcomes of engaging their mates on the blockchain.

Nonetheless, this is not a problem anymore because the Unibright Explorer will be monitoring all the business processes that you may have engaged on the smart contracts. The explorer has an interactive and user-friendly dashboard that will present to the user all the information and data as they drip in and off the chain. This is one of the key reasons why the German team developed project Unibright.

Unibright Connector for ERPs

Finally, in the corporate world, business processes must be interlinked. The interlinking business process did not start yesterday as simple business integration tools were invented long ago due to challenges that businesses were facing. The various IT personnel have been facing difficulties of integrating their ERPs and IT frameworks to the blockchain. This is where Unibright kicks in to offer its brilliant solution.

Unibright connects the various IT/ERP systems for organizations to the blockchain through predefined adapters called the Unibright connectors. This solution has brought a sigh of relief to the IT gurus who wish to integrate their ERPs to the blockchain.

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