Uservice is a localized online platform supported on the Ethereum blockchain which will use smart-contract. The Ethereum technology allows its users to register any deals and operations with automobiles on a supplied contract basis like Blockchain without the use of any standard legal procedures. Every operations with cars will be controllable, safe and clear.

Uservice System is not for only registering deals and operations among drivers and car service stations. It represents a foundation of a brand new ecosystem that consists of driver service, creation of new business process in automotive industry, statistical data compilation and analysis. For instance, insurance companies, car service stations drivers, dealers, auto groups and digital solution providers can have access to the system and offer their services , which will add value to blockchain.

The Uservice Team has a basic product called Uremont. This product can be used for collecting, analyzing and building the rating system and also for identifying car service stations with the use of IT platform. 10,000,000 USD was raised by Uremont for investments and was tested on seed markets which it won the competitive struggle and became the most remarkable aggregator of car service stations in the whole of Europe. It is ready to explode its global market share and scale globally. Uservice intends to use Uremont as the foundation for the new Blockchain Platform.

Uservice Team is focused on the grade of environment pollution influenced by industrial productions as well as progressing growth of unsafe substances impact from vehicle operation and service. The Uservice project is considered to be available in most countries and we will observe our partners ‘ activities and provide all the important functionality to provide befitting recycle of automotive waste products according to European standards. We can achieve these goals by consulting our project details with WWF organization.


We created the mechanism of the community participants cooperation under the common platform rules by incorporating an internal UST Token into our ecosystem.


During the token sale, UST Tokens will be given out in a selected number. We expect that the participants in our platform will increase continuously and as a result UST Token cost will also have to increase due to the fact that UST Tokens uses disinflation model to work.

UST Tokens will allow you to:
Make your payments within Uservice community.
Substitute UST Tokens with USX Tokens. (Please see USX Token for details)

As a majority of other Tokens, during the first few days of listing we expect fast growth of UST Token value. Further growth of Token will be implemented by the growth of the platform participants number.

Portal partners ( car service stations, insurance companies, vehicle recovery services, spare parts suppliers, taxi companies, car manufacturers, car parks, lease companies, car dealers, logistics companies, car sharing services and banks).

Token Usage Options:
Accepting car records
Making payments for partners services
Checking whether spare parts are original or fake
Purchasing media placement in platform
Service payments made by portal partners (access to clients requests, access fee, platform registration)
Purchasing analytic information focused on bigdata-platform


In 2019 we will be launching the USX token which will be available for purchase using UST tokens inside our platform. We will authorize this token a security of Uservice company using all the necessary process. By 2020 Uservice company will perform IPO when USX token holders must have become joint owners of Uservice. 20% of shares in Uservice company will be given to the USX token holders. USX token will only be produced under good legal conditions for its legitimate acceptance as a crypto-value security in Uservice company seat of business jurisdiction.

Token Exchange

*UST and USX token exchange will be conducted within Uservice platform at any given time with no cost attached.
*UST token can be sold or bought on the major crypto-currency exchanges.


The Uservice formation of global market survey begins with the most easy entry points. With maximally growth potential and minimal costs, the beginning of global service deployment commence in the most preferred region and business start testing this way. Between the criteria for choosing the countries we’re market potential and organization, legislative aspects, mobile communications penetration and other conditions.

We previously chose markets of Eastern Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East as the entry points and global service deployment. In Eastern Europe, work and operational activity under full potential has already been launched and Uremont platform has become the most remarkable car service aggregator.


No Transparency Among Market Participants

George Akerlof an economist and the Noble prizewinner who published his scientific research “The Market For Lemons: Quality Uncertainty and the Market Mechanism”, in which he explained this problem. He described the work process of Market places where one side of a deal, either the seller or the buyer know more about the product than the other. The author called this “information asymmetry markets”. In the used car market for example, when a seller decides to sell his/her car the seller has more information about the car than the buyer and for this reason the buyer would be afraid to buy in order not to get scammed and wants to minimize possible risks. Buyers try to spend less money when buying car because they find it difficult to differentiate between bad cars and quality cars. As a result of this the average price of a car becomes lesser. Sellers of quality cars begins to leave the market due the low average price the majority of the cars now sold are of low quality.

This where the Uservice platform comes in to solve the problem by providing both parties with a deal of the same standard of information about the market situation in general and specific deals.

Disorganized Market Of Car Services

Car services market is not automated globally yet except for Uber on taxi service market place. Most car service stations works as they used to where human factor plays the most important role. In every city there is one and the same scenario where you have utilize your time analyzing car service stations while looking for the most satisfying options.

Uservice was created to change this approach.

No Mobile Solutions

Today, you can see people striving to save their time which is why that try using mobile applications in all situations. Uber is a global standard in this light and we have tasked ourselves with creating a product which can provide a driver with all functional options during the entire period of car owning.

Inadequate Data Analysis

Information is pure gold. This formulae was stated in a yearly report devoted to the grown digitalization and automation in automotive industry by KMPG (LINK) Audit Agency, Switzerland. Modern cars can indeed be called Information Generators. Vehicles are equipped with lots of sensors, monitors, detectors and cameras that are constantly collecting and analyzing information. The information collected can represent car location, details damage and wear degree, internal breakdowns, etc. Insurance companies, banks and car manufacturers can get a lot of advantages from such data. Uservice will improve the efficiency of analyzing and collecting bigdata in automotive industry .

Payments Security

The application equipped with the decentralization of blockchain technology allows making a secured payment with complete fulfillment of the obligations guaranteed by using the organized system of payments to the service makers in any city of the world which is connected to the system.

Spare Parts And Accessories: Search, Pricing and Delivery

A lot of drivers would like to buy spare parts or accessories themselves. It is quite often that the drive encounters certain problems when choosing the right parts for his/her car depending on the model and year of production.

It would be a lot easier with Uservice for drivers to find the required spare parts under the best price, make Oder, select the most convenient delivery option and complete purchase faster and easier. With this method, car service stations or retail/wholesale seller registered under Uservice can be the supplier. Buyer can trigger the payment with his/her tokens. It is trustworthy and safe.

Customer Satisfaction

Based on customer feedbacks, Uservice platform will contain rating of community participants. The blockchain will provide participants the chance to check steps of rating information that makes the process impartial and most precise.


Using the Global Blockchain Platform, the Uservice platform solves the problems associated with dealers, insurance companies, car service stations, drivers, part distributors and auto groups. They obtain the chance to cooperate by connecting to our platform, thereby increasing the efficiency and transparency of their business processes.

The marketplace participants of waterborne and air transport will be combined on the platform eventually.

Based on the Ethereum smart contract, the Uservice platform applies blockchain technology. Blockchain provides complete operating activity of company and the entire program is developed to integrate feasible business process into our platform. Blockchain technology will create clear and open history of car operations and also provide an opportunity to store and analyze large data volumes.


The token sale has a main objective and that motive is to raise funds to clear off all the costs in the creation of the Uservice decentralized Blockchain platform.


What Makes The Token Sale Unique
The Uservice Project is Being Built Up Based On The Existing Business:
Going with our data, only 20% of the startups which started token sale campaigns are capable of presenting the actual product to customers. The remaining 80% of all token sale are mere concepts that can never be realized.

Large Investors Have Trust In Uservice
A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges and other institutional investors like Nakamoto Capital Investment Fund have expressed their intent to start investing in our project during the token sale phase.

Token Sale Process

UST tokens will be available at a rate that is fixed during token sale. Our estimated budget is1,000,000,000 UST tokens in total. During the token sale only 56% of them will be available for sale and 4% will be sold during the Pre-Sale.

From the 40% of tokens remaining, the members of the team will get 10%, 20% of the tokens will be used in the support of platform operations and the 10% remaining will be shared between our advisers and the participants of our bounty program.

UST token is based on the Ethereum Platform and the ERC20 Token Standard Interface which allows every token sale participants to use any Ethereum client like Mist or MyEtherWallet.

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