There is one thing most people agree on when it comes to the blockchain technology - it can change the world. And, with each passing year, we are getting more and more solutions that use blockchain to improve the way we live. This time, the blockchain is democratizing the field of alternative investments.

What is VALOR?

Smart Valor is a new blockchain startup that is offering a new and exciting world of options for investors. The reason for that is the fact that VALOR opens up the ability to trade alternative investments. In essence, VALOR is making illiquid and inaccessible assets tradeable.

In their quest to improve the world of trading stocks, they are addressing multiple problems that exist in that world. The key to solving those problems lies in creating tokens that are backed by those inaccessible assets.

Problem Solving

VALOR is there to help change the world by offering relevant protection and opportunities for investors and issuers alike. But, to do so, they have to address many problems that plague the digital asset investment.

For starters, a lack of proper legal structure is painfully apparent. Moreover, the currently existing wallets don’t have sufficient levels of security. The use of improper tools is leading to an increasing number of security breaches.

Investments that require large amounts of money used to be completely inaccessible to an average trader.

Furthermore, intermediaries are charging fees and commissions that go beyond the realm of reason.

Such a system leads to an increase in inequality of wealth across the world.

While blockchain trading, as such, can help alleviate some of these problems, an average user lacks the understanding to handle a blockchain interface. And that can make them reluctant to invest.


* A Marketplace for trading a list of asset-backed tokens

* Secure custody for assets that were turned into tokens

* A fully compliant investor onboarding process

* A licensed exchange

* A marketplace for tasks and services that you, as a contributor, could use

* Decentralized marketplace for auctioning illiquid assets that works by utilizing smart contracts

* A democratized governance of the platform

* Rewards program for contributors and investors

Who Will Use VALOR?

The VALOR platform can provide value to anyone who visits it. If you are an investor, you will love the access to previously unimaginable investment opportunities. You will also appreciate the safe-haven protection of your funds.

As an asset issuer, you will be able to connect with a broad audience of investors. Raising funds by working with professional investors will be faster than ever.

Alternatively, if you want to be a community contributor and join the movement with your efforts to sculpt the future, you can. And, contributors will receive monetary rewards for their time.

Lastly, you will be able to use this platform to promote your services as a service provider.

The Team Behind VALOR.

The leadership team behind VALOR consists of Olga Feldmeier who is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer and Oliver Feldmeier, the Chief Operating Officer. Olga Feldmeier was one of the most important people involved in the creation of the Swiss blockchain community, and she remains one of the prominent figures in that community.

And, to create VALOR, they have connected some of the most prominent experts in the world of blockchain as their advisors and contributors.

Final Thoughts

Alternative investments represent a huge part of the market that is yet to be dug into. The main issue that prevents the use of illiquid assets is the fact that they are out of reach for most people. Investments like venture capital, real estate, and expensive artworks are simply too much for an average investor.

However, tokenization of those assets offers a simple solution that everyone can benefit from. Whether you are an investor or an asset holder, you will be able to profit from the use of this new platform.






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