Developeo is a platform that intends to provide a solution to the issues of the fourth industrial revolution by designing a large potential developer userbase that possesses the reward system.

What is open-source software development?

The Open-source Software is computer software with available source code which has a license whereby the copyright holder gives the right to change, study, and share it with anyone any for an objective. Many people have used several open-source projects which include Linux, Firefox, Ethereum, and MySQL.

The technological world is being driven by technologies which include Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Neural Networks, Data Science, Automation Systems, Internet of Things and Blockchain. The benefits of Open-Source Software include lowering cost, elimination of vendors and complete system integration. It is used everywhere, and it is another innovation experienced in the world today.

There are two fundamental problems that open–source software needs to cope with, software like open-source is of high quality and very expensive, this software needs to be financed by professional engineers or a market incumbent. This brings up a big difference between talent availability and open-source software development.

Secondly, there is a big demand for software engineers, and this demand is more than the available software engineers. There is need to train software engineers and make them available for the market.

What is Developeo platform and how does it work?

Developeo is a blockchain platform that intends to change the open-source ecosystem by recommending a token-based reward system. Contributors will be rewarded with tokens that can be changed to fiat currency with immediate effect on any available crypto exchange. This platform enables open-source community to utilize their Github account. Software engineers and developers will take charge of the software development and influence the evaluation of the quality of code.

If a Developeo member adds a project on Github and later on DevGit, the contribution will be confirmed or rejected by the project manager. Decentralization begins at this point whereby project managers and community members can vote on the code given. There are three factors to be taken into consideration when voting; these factors are the importance of the contribution to the project, code's quality, and the community value. Developeo has five main revenue streams which are a marketplace, bootcamps, advisory services, certification and Developeo University.

Developeo Bootcamps

The bootcamps are developed to solve the need for talent in technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. Universities and colleges seek to offer quality education that cut across all disciplines to prepare students. Bootcamps participants are mostly employable to different global employers. Instructors manage these bootcamps on a revenue share model; these instructors are chosen among the best community members of Developeo.

The number of providers of bootcamp increased from 91 to 95 in 2017. It is estimated that the tuition revenue would be USD 266M in 2017. There are coding bootcamps in 74 US cities as per June 2017. The primary aim of the Developeo bootcamp is to develop talented and skillful software developers who know more about the latest technologies. Bootcamps are growing at an increasing pace; this is happening because the university systems cannot produce specialized and high-quality student.

Developeo’s token

Developeo token is an ERC20 token, represented by DEVX. It is a utility token that intends to have various applications; these applications include Registration for bootcamps, certification programs, rewards for committed code on the open source platform. The hard cap is 480,000,000 DEVX tokens. In this platform, the team intends to sponsor the project with a token sale.

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