What is the GB System

The GB System is somewhat tricky to understand, but we shall try to decode it for you. It consists of a network of banks located in the European Union, Russia and the United States of America with China to join soon.

Their financial system constantly develops with the aim to improve how they cater to the needs of the clients. GB have reunited as one vast world finance network to provide banking services for clients all over the globe. The currency is GB Coin and trades in the cryptocurrency stock exchange of GB Markets. It is open to professional traders and everyday users. This network will increase the amount of capital being traded.

A cold purse known as the GB Wallet will be created for users to be able to pay service providers. The GB Fund is about trust management where clients can earn a percentage of the profits once a month. It is headed by professional traders. Currently, their financial system is increasing every month. There will be more offices opening in different countries to allow those citizens to access these services. GB System claims that it’s unbiased in whom it will enable to access these services.

Customers will be able to get loans that including car loans and mortgages with a minimum interest rate. They can also open deposit accounts, make investment deposits and be part of the trust management fund. There’ll also be a currency exchanger given that the GB System is a global product.

The ambition of this company is beyond anything that in the market today. They have created a system of businesses that cryptocurrency users and enjoy and pay with crypto coins. The GB Coin allows holders to pay for taxi services in different countries. Users can use their currencies to pay for a ride to their destination of choice. The facilities are also inclusive of tours where operators are paid using cryptocurrency.

When using GB Coin, people can collect loyalty points, in this case, coins. You can get discounts and cashback in partner stores when getting groceries or when purchasing other goods and services. The convenience and quality of services offered to eliminate the need for third-party participants when it comes to making transactions.

By using blockchain technology, this business will create relationships between different service systems and industries. They include banks, financial institutions, payment service providers, car services and restaurants to name a few. This interconnected system is meant to give clients maximum convenience and full use of their coins. Blockchain facilitates transparency among those transacting. That makes both parties confident that they’re in an honest transaction.

The data that will be collected from the various transactions will go toward improving how the entire system works. Such an ambitious project will not be without glitches, but clients can expect continuous improvement in how they transact.

The heart of GB System is to decentralize the financial industry to give equal opportunities to all. It will, however, be based on a closed economy- everything will be taking place within the GB system. To make it all inclusive, the clients get the opportunity to participate in various draws and events within the system.

The company has filed license documents for the following states and institutions pending approval. They include the Central Bank of the European Union and Central Bank of Russia license. There’re also licenses for cryptocurrencies, insurance activity, multiple currency exchangers, investment fund, Fin Cen, Rpay as per the PCI DSS standard for credit cards, and to become a payment service provider.


GB Systems will enter the GB Coin (GBCN) crypto exchange market in January 2018. Tokens will be available for purchase on their system. They will get legalize under necessary procedures as stock security. It will be used for their financial systems: GB Fund, GB Markets, GB Trade, GB Network, GB Social, GB Grande Finance, GB Grande Bank, GB Royal Polo Club and GB Port Russia.

A token will retail at 25 USD. There are 40 000 000 tokens with only half of those get traded. The rest will be present within the system as currency transaction.

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