White Rabbit Marketing Strategy

The White Rabbit brand can be defined in two words: Responsible and Rebel. The digital company wants to change the film and series industry for the better. This change will not only benefits the fans, but also the artist, entertainer, producer, investor and all parties involved in creating viewing content. While change is both important and inevitable, it needs to come about in the right way. This is why in their messaging they call themselves ‘Responsible Rebels’. They make sure that all stakeholders get their due.

The initial stages of their PT efforts will focus on participating in panels during film festivals, media interviews, blogs and promotion during and after the token sale, and at blockchain and crypto conferences. On these platforms one can expect to hear that White Rabbit is committed to protecting producers, investors, artists, entertainers and the industry while rewarding fans for their loyalty.

The team consists of award winning film producers and sales agents who have over 800 films between them. This impressive portfolio is likely to receive positive feedback from the rights content owners and fans alike.

The fans get a say in what content they would like to support. In the case where a series is likely to be canned, those who use digital streaming sites get a say in whether or not there’ll be another series or a sequel. The revenue generated, should a producer choose to, can use it in their budget or to source for funds with user reports as backing.

Due to cyber crimes, White Rabbit has put in place at IT system that’ll be a new standard in the $2.3 trillion dollar industry. They have also developed blockchain that international banks have integrated into their software.

White Rabbit is currently in negotiations with close to 400 films to establish smart contract. They include Cannes, Berlin, Sundance and Oscar nominees. They aim to do this before the token sale taking place in the first quarter of 2018. White Rabbit may also acquire select titles during Berlin, SXSW and Cannes film festivals in February, March and May of the same year. This star-studded collection of content plays a part in their marketing strategy to make the offers as attractive as possible.

The core team

The core team is comprised of film veterans. The CEO & Partner Alan R. Milligan is a film producer with Cannes, Venice and Gothenburg awards, and close to 50 other awards and nominations since 2014. Before White Rabbit, he was a software entrepreneur developing MCIS, a database that provided safe transportation for chemicals at sea, and an automated stowage system for chemical tankers. Alan holds an MA in International Relations and International Business.

Hengameh Panahi, the Artistic Director of Content & Partner, has been breaking ground in the film industry for 30 years now. She is the founder and President of Celluloid Dreams. Her films have received awards during Oscars, Golden and Silver Palme, Bear and Lion. In 2015, she achieved consecutive and historic wins in the Golden Bear in Berlin, the Palme d’or in Cannes and the Golden Lion in Venice. Hengameh was a partner in Mubi.com that brought streaming to the world audience before Netflix.

Alexander Yarushin is a CTO and Partner and has been programming since 1996. He has been a principal developer and system architect in projects including production automation system for submarines, billing for mobile telecommunications pharmaceutical distribution systems and healthcare automation. He has also worked with Alan and his father on MCIS.

COO & Partner Adrian Hessel-Rütter graduated from the University of St. Andrews with a degree in Management and Psychology but pursued a career in the IT industry. For the last 7 years Adrian has worked with Intility and Atea, helping customers implement their digital strategy.

Jon Inge Buli, CFO and Partner, has a bachelor degrees in Finance and Marketing from David Eccles School of Business and has a Specialist Masters in Finance from the CASS Business School in London. His experience has acquainted him with different approaches to project methodology and financial solutions.


With such a high powered team, their expertise in film and IT combined should give any fan and content developer confidence that their money is exchanging hands, and safely so.

Links of interest:

Website: www.whiterabbit.one

Facebook: https://fb.me/WRJumpIn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WRJumpIn