White Rabbit aims to ensure those involved in the financing, production, sales, and distribution of any film receive rewards on a scale they've never before. In particular, the Producer, Sales Agent, and Director stand to gain more on digital streaming than any other time in history.


Unless digital streaming rights have been sold to another party, the producer is the primary content rights holder (CRH). They are the decision maker for the respective purchased territories. In the smart contract agreement with White Rabbit for unsold regions, they get to set the terms. They have the freedom to either directly distribute the revenue among participants, or insert a recoupment agreement to the contract to facilitate the automation payment to the involved parties.

The producer, depending on the circumstances, can accept the standard White Rabbit rate of $2 for a film and $1 for a series or set their pricing. Factors that determine the rates include geo-blocking of sold digital territories, donation only business model or territory differences.

Revenue collection from users is automatic, transparent and done via blockchain. The White Rabbit Tokens (WR)- the currency- is distributed between the producer and White Rabbit. The WRT is converted into cryptocurrency and transferred into a fiat.

If a producer is initially not in a smart contract, the users streaming from a P2P site are still able to offer them WRT. It is upon agreeing to receive the token that they have to sign a smart contract to be granted the benefits that come with being in one. As an incentive, they gain a 10% bonus in addition to the aggregated user tokens.

Should a producer reject tokens and choose not to enter into a smart contract, the user gets their tokens back. From then on, White Rabbit will initiate the plugin to notify users that the producer will not receive their tokens. Users are discouraged from streaming, and anyone who continues will be pirating the content.

PSS allows producers to target audience efficiently. That is especially advantageous if a PSS carters to the target market the producer hopes to reach with their film or series. This approach potentially decreases the need for marketing campaigns that can prove to be expensive.

The Sales Agent

They hold the same benefits as the Producer, but White Rabbit can offer them additional benefits. Sales agents usually own content libraries and have territories they control. They, however, have the opportunity of setting the unit price as per their lowest unit price in sold territories should they wish to agree with a P2P streaming site of that sold territory.

The White Rabbit dashboard and mobile app track, record and update rights and revenue distribution that reflect the agreement. They also get to benefit from the transparency of blockchain payments.

The Director

Many directors, along with writer and actors, do not get their fair share of revenue in the industry. However, if a director is part of the recoupment agreement, they receive their earnings straight from White Rabbit into their account. Blockchain revenues are tamper-proof, and along with that assurance, they receive the same reports of the digital revenue as all the other parties.

White Rabbit offers users the opportunity to donate tokens at the end of a film they liked in particular. When a user selects the director, the WRT go directly to them. Directors can also tap into the benefits of the Rabbit Hole, the White Rabbit library, where they can communicate with their fans directly or monetize merchandise.

As long as you’re set up in the recoupment system, whether you’re a writer or actor, White Rabbit earns you digital revenue that you’d otherwise never received.

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Website: www.whiterabbit.one

Facebook: https://fb.me/WRJumpIn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WRJumpIn


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