The blockchain is a powerful combination of maths, cryptography, computing, and finance that is both innovative and disruptive. It has already shown its capacity to change the way that people think about systems.  A new ICO, Merculet has been developed that focuses on the need for a new approach to the thinking about value and has created a user value system to support this.

In many areas, blockchain has presented the opportunity for current online processes to be reviewed and for changes to occur that could alter where power and influence sit in the business world. Many systems that are in place have continued because there has not been a viable alternative, but with blockchain, this has all changed. Merculet has brought this new thinking to the social media environment.

Blockchains and the Online Community

One of the exciting aspects of blockchain is how it is in part created through the concept of community. Many people are looking to contribute to developments in this area, and through collaboration it becomes possible. The idea of community has also changed. This has been particularly well demonstrated in the field of social media. Merculet has recognized that there is an opportunity for making a change in the social media industry.

What started as a way for people to interact online has become a massive multi-billion dollar industry. Merculet is striving to change the model of centralized control to a dispersed model. It is almost frightening how large this industry has become, and this also means that there are going to be winners and losers in this business.

Surprisingly, one of the biggest losers has become the community of online users. The organizations that provide the platform have used the online community to enjoy great success. They have been utilizing data collected from their users to make massive amounts of money, without offering any financial payment to the people who have provided this data.

Creating New Productive Relationships

The team at Merculet have developed their ICO to bring back some of that sense of community to the social media space, as well as offering benefits to both users and businesses. It would not be possible for the development of the business of social media to have occurred without the online community. Merculet can offer a future view where it is possible to have a new form of productive relationship between users and enterprises that will support a shared research and development approach which is beneficial to both parties.

The Merculet system offers a new method for information sharing and collaboration between business and users. It intends to deliver tangible user value and promote a unique user experience while also providing a mechanism for information sharing with businesses that will enable them to improve the value of their contact with users.

A Token-Based Ecosystem

Merculet offers the opportunity for a new trajectory of growth in the social media space which is based on an aggregation of individualized online contact for users, a credible value assessment system that supports collaboration, and a token-based system that ensures remunerative benefits to the user and the flow of useful information directly to enterprises.

The Merculet offering will also be attractive to businesses who do not have much experience in the blockchain environment. It offers straightforward access, simply through the application of some code, to a token-based ecosystem. Merculet will not restrict access to its platform but provides a turnkey solution that is connected through a standard protocol. This enables businesses to deploy the Merculet system quickly and then commence their operations in a space where transactions are based on tokens.

Achieving Success

The success of the Merculet proposal will depend on the establishment of the ecosystem where businesses and users can operate effectively, and the blockchain based system functions autonomously. The level of technical support provided by Merculet will influence how well companies can adapt to this new environment. The transition for users will be less dramatic as they will still be continuing with current behaviors, but will be gaining financial rewards for this.

The online community will influence how successful Merculet will be. Based on the information available Merculet can bring a very new approach to the social media environment that will directly benefit both users and the enterprises who are trying to reach them.

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