With the blockchain now “in vogue” and the cryptocurrency game getting tougher and more competitive, the question quickly shifts from “how do I amass a cryptocoin fortune?” to “will my private data be secure?” And considering how prevalent internet scams can be, you’ll need all the help you can get.

Enter YourBlock

YourBlock is a personal data storage platform. It is basically a private blockchain ecosystem that’s linked to a public blockchain. Moreover, it works as a two-way mediator between you, the consumer, and any potential Service Provider.

YourBlock, coupled with its Dave & You front end user interface, stores your data and allows you access to it whenever you’re ready to make a purchase. It also protects it from getting out to third parties, with them having to ask access permission before receiving it.

The Data Problem

We live in a world where most of our data can be easily obtained. At times, when you make contracts, you continue receiving information from that particular provider. E-mails, SMS, phone calls, you name it. This is a problem as, sometimes, you cannot opt out of an arrangement, or even modify it.

A bigger problem is that personal information leaks and thus leads to identity theft or scams related to it. This can hit both the consumer and the Service Provider hard financially.

The Solution YourBlock Offers

According to their official website, https://yourblock.io/, YourBlock will store your personal data onto its private blockchain which can only be accessed via your permission. Both you and the Service Provider will operate with complete transparency. This you can achieve with Smart Contracts. You, as the consumer, will be using Smart Contracts to manage your policies with the Service Provider, and they will use it to provide you with quotes. This cuts out any middleman and gives both of you direct and transparent control over the trade.

The Benefits of YourBlock

These exist in two categories, one for consumers and the other for Service Providers.

Benefits For Consumers

As a user, you will save decent amounts of money with YourBlock’s price comparisons, alerts and smart tracking of your spending. There will be access to various discounts using the platform, as well. You will also receive certain amounts of money through commissions and continued use of Dave & You, as well as YourBlock in general. And to top it all off, the deals get better the more users there are on the platform.

Of course, the safety and transparency benefits are still there, but we spoke of them more in the above paragraphs. To sum up, you are in control of what info you will give out, to whom you will give it, and to what end you will use it. The risk of it leaking is extremely low.

Benefits For Service Providers

As a Service Provider, using YourBlock will improve your consumer data quality. Up-to-date on-boarding automation and everything a consumer does transparently (claims, modifications, cancellations, and renewals of contracts or policies) will lead to improved customer experience and cost-efficiency. The automated Smart Contracts also greatly reduce the possibility of insurance fraud.

Naturally, services vary, and each Service Provider will have additional benefits tailored to the specific service they provide.

YourBlock Tokens and the Dave & You Platform

These two go hand-in-hand. You can use the Dave & You platform to store your data and plan out what to do with it. What this platform is also good for is keeping track of your finances, providing useful and more cost-effective advice, and provide suggestions based on your trading history.

The YourBlock tokens, the YBK, are the currency you use to trade in YourBlock. But you don’t just spend them using YourBlock, you also earn them through continued use of the platform. A YBK token can be earned if you fill in proper application data; you also get them as a commission via Dave & You. Shopping with this coins will also yield discounts on various services.

The YBK Sales

The YBK token is €0.50 right now, with total token supply at 200 million. Out of these, 30% were sold to the public as part of the token sale program. The hard cap for YBK is €30 million and the soft cap is €5 million. The pre-sale ends on March 12th, when the main sale begins. It ends on April 23rd. Expect discounts on the tokens up to 40% during the pre-sale, with lock periods applied.

The YourBlock, In A Nutshell

When it comes down to it, YourBlock has everything your average private eco-system blockchain needs. It safely stores your data and makes it easier and more secure to purchase services. Furthermore, you have direct and transparent communication with the Service Provider of your choice. And lastly, you even get to earn some YBK tokens in the meantime. Not to mention that the Service Provider also reaps the benefits of this platform. Do not wait – get YourBlock and enjoy the comfort of online safety.

Link to whitepaper: https://yourblock.io/whitepaper

Link to website: https://yourblock.io/


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