YourBlock – Hail to the New Storage Platform

So you happen to be using a blockchain. You input data, but there is a problem – what if it winds up where you don’t want it. Not to mention that you might get data from companies and investors that have your personal info – phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. And what’s worse, you cannot opt out if you want to. But there is a solution, and that solution is YourBlock.

YourBlock is a new personal data storage platform, based on blockchain technology. It serves as a two-sided data manager between individuals and Service Providers. You will again have control over your own personal data and can use it as you see fit. However, YourBlock also works out well for the Service Providers. They will be able to directly interact with consumers, eliminating any third-party involvement or potential fraud. It is, essentially, a private blockchain connected to a public one for both the customers and the providers.

How Does YourBlock Work?

When you use YourBlock, you input personal data and it remains in the blockchain. This means you and you alone have full access to it, and you choose which third party can receive it. This way you can shop for insurances and other utilities without any worry. The Service Provider places their detailed plans and offers, which allows full transparency between them and the consumer.

The YourBlock Token

This platform uses the currency known as the YourBlock token (YBK). You will be primarily using these to buy your service or utility of choice.

At the moment, the YBK is worth €0.50. The total token supply stands at 200 million, but 30% were sold to the public that was part of the token sale program. The hard cap for YBK is €30.000.000 and the soft cap is €5.000.000. The pre-sale will end on March 12th. However, the main sale will begin on the same day and end on April 23rd. During the pre-sale, there will be discounts on the tokens that run up to and including 40%. Lock in periods will apply, of course.

Dave & You

Dave & You is, as it says on the official YourBlock website at, a front end user interface for the platform’s framework. The minute you input your data, Dave stores it and nobody has access to it but you and the Service Provider(s) of your choice. This software also provides tips on savings and better deals based on your spending and income. Using Dave & You often will make its AI grow and learn. Additionally, you will earn some YBK tokens as well from extended use.

Let’s provide an example of how it works. Say you want to buy car insurance. You input your personal and KYC data – you get YBK tokens as an award. But you get additional tokens if you choose to do this via Dave & You. It also gives you some as commission. Not to mention that you can use this interface (and this interface alone) to spend YBK tokens. The benefit of this is that you will get discounts on the insurance.

Naturally, a similar system is in place for the Service Providers as well, and they get their own bonus in the form of YBK tokens.

So, YourBlock Is Safer, More Expedient, And User-Friendly For All

Indeed. And that’s not all. It is also easy to use, adaptable to current blockchain technology, cost-beneficial, and even lucrative. Granted, as all new blockchain eco-systems, it has room for development, but the development team behind it knows their stuff. And their primary goal is safety and security.

And in this age of hacking, scams, phishing, and God knows what else, YourBlock is the perfect way to secure yourself on the web. Having additional perks like transparency, cost-efficiency, an even earning extra money is a rather welcome bonus to this. The sales will last well into the year, so get yourself some YBK and try YourBlock today!

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