Cryptocurrency initiatives have to aim high if they want to get noticed in a market that is flooded with offerings and solutions to issues that can go completely unnoticed if they don’t have a clear plan of action. In the case of AllStocks, they are aiming very high by trying to integrate the digital currency market with the Fiat currency system.

The AllStocks network is being built with two different types of stakeholders in mind who are looking to do business and get the best offerings of their respective systems. On one side there are a lot of shareholders and stock dealers who would love nothing more than partaking on the benefits of Blockchain technology. Some of them include low fees, powerful security settings, and transfers that don’t have to go through any channels, regulations or extended time waits.

On the other side, many investors are looking to take advantage of some of the main benefits of the crypto market such as the high returns rates, the decentralized networks and the potential to get funding with a clear business plan. To please the needs of these stakeholders, AllStocks is margining traditional finance practices with Blockchain technology to create a network that can back up the value of a token utility with real-world assets.

To make the amalgamation work, there must be a structured architecture to the development process of the network and the technology behind it. AllStocks has planned strategies for all the stages of their system. We can learn about the work they have done right now by breaking down the system's architecture and explaining the necessary details of each stage. Let's take a look at them:

Exchange Services

Since digital currencies and Fiat money play a vital role in the dynamics of the AllStocks platform, the system will provide users with a native digital wallet and an account to handle Fiat money. The platform will also have its exchange service to trade, sell, and convert these assets based on the needs of users at any given time.

Open Blockchain

The need to make the system public, auditable and trustable relies heavily on the capacity of the network to keep everyone clean. The only way to make that happen is to keep the Blockchain network of AllStocks public and available to audits at any given moment by the parties involved in a specific transaction.


It’s a verification system being put in place to make sure that asset-backed tokens keep their value at all moments. It’s the link that connects the tokens offered on the AllStocks ecosystem to the real world. The tech also takes care of all the backstage process that takes place after transfer of ownership is issued between users.

App Development

Since the network is being developed using API coding, the users are welcome to create their apps in compliance with the ecosystem requirements to capitalize their asset-based tokens. Users will be able to trade with other platforms, handle funds from other wallets and process payments.

The AST Token

The AST token is the primary financial instrument inside the AllStocks ecosystem. The asset-based token will be the main bridge between digital currencies and Fiat financial assets. The parity of these currencies is planned to be on a one-to-one relationship, meaning that for each traditional assets a new token is minted. When the asset is dealt outside the platform, the token representing it is destroyed.

Transfer of Ownership

Each asset-based token can be traded in the open crypto market as long as the user certifies its value in Fiat currency with the stampers of the network. Once they verify it, the user can freely trade the token or hold on to it.

Fees and Regulations

As expected, any transaction made within the AllStocks network will generate fees that must be covered by the involved parties to keep the ongoing process of the network up to date and cover the costs of keeping the platform running. The system is also being developed with a series of regional algorithms that will help it comply with the laws issued by local governments or regulatory agencies.

The AllStocks network is doing work that has been perceived as daring and impossible by many entrepreneurs in the market. Only time will tell if their boldness pays off. If you want to learn more about their efforts you can visit :






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