Hdac – The Opportunity to be Your Own Bank

The security of all online transactions hinges on smart contract for IoT, which Blockchain is based on. The Internet of Things (IoT) has successfully transformed the world into a gigantic, constantly evolving information platform. Experts predict that there will be up to 30 billion connected devices installed by 2025, most of which will be used daily. We have smart homes, smart cars and smart watches, fitness trackers, VR headsets and any other device at all for that matter. The possibilities for safe and efficient wireless communication is endless.

Why Hdac?

Hdac stands for Hyundai Digital Asset Currency, it is a trust-based, next generation digital service platform that is currently the best IoT Contract Platform based on Blockchain. It promises to revolutionize the way we use crypto currencies in our everyday lives. Through secure Blockchain technology, Hdac can assign contracts to all your smart devices to fit your life pattern. They make your life easier using a trust-based, next generation digital service platform and they’re just getting started. Hdac promises enhanced security by implementing a specific authentication scheme that applies a Quantum Random Number (beginning with our identifiable characters “Hdac”) to eliminate the possibility of hacking. ​The protocol is dubbed a ‘Hybrid Blockchain’ which promises reliability, confidentiality and integrity by fusing Blockchain with the IoT. This way they are able to maintain all core principles while you remain satisfied your connectivity, from user to device, is nestled among the safest of environments.

Hdac features an internal micro-Payment platform, made up of Hdac Tokens (Hdac*T), that allows you to provide the currency your devices can use. This leaves you in control, safe in the knowledge that your transactions are interactively secure. They aim to make use of the opportunity of Secure Blockchain technology to assign contracts to all your smart devices according to your lifestyle pattern. Simply Hdac promises a system that will make your life easier. The project positions itself as a next-generation digital service platform, based on trust provided by users.

Hdac also aims to become a crypto based Fintech platform by increasing security for users to communicate and issuing hardware wallets for payment to enable transactions through machine to machine and IoT devices. They also plan to be able to process 1000 transactions per second in the future which will allow for many users to transact on the network without the issues that Bitcoin has recently been facing.

Hdac Virtual Bank

Using Hdac you can easily create and control a virtual private bank. This means that the platform will be able to provide the currency that your devices can use. You are under control, in complete security with the understanding that your transactions are interactively protected. One of the biggest problems that IoT faces is that of confidentiality, so Hdac configures unique hybrid networks for general and special users. Virtual money cannot be accessed by a third party, while your sensitive and highly sensitive data is never displayed. The platform can be used to support a large amount of micropayments using modern hardware wallets that are not susceptible to viruses.

Hdac ICO crowdsale

The Hdac ICO is projected to start on the 27th of November. There was a huge pre-sale during which they were able to raise 13,000 Bitcoin. This high potential token sale has gone unnoticed to most countries in the west, with the majority of investment coming from Asia so far. The goal of HDAC TGE is to collect 6,000 BTUs with an initial exchange rate of: 0.1BTC = 1,800 HDAC

Distribution of tokens

The total issue volume will be 12 billion tokens
7% of Hdac will be held in reserve capital.
7% of Hdac will be distributed to HADC / TGE participants.
The remaining 86% of Hdac can be obtained through fair “ePoW” production.
The first award for the unit will be 5000 Hdac.
Anyone can participate in the development of Hdac for the next 170 years.