When it comes to affiliate marketing, you can really increase your growth potential and revenue by joining a platform for it. On the internet, there are dozens of different affiliate marketing programs and even newer one that keeps popping up. And one of those newer affiliate marketing platforms is Hoqu. Hoqu bills itself as being one of the first ever "decentralized" affiliate marketing networks. And that actually has got a lot of people interested in them. And if you want to know how Hoqu stacks up against other marketing platforms, then you have come to the right place!

Most affiliate programs of companies are started on affiliate networks. Hardly any of the successful programs dispensed with affiliate marketing on the support of one or more networks. Therefore, it is always a better idea to join an affiliate marketing program, such as Hoqu, The main reason for this is the large mass of potential partners, as they usually do not want to sign up for hundreds of private affiliate programs, but want to do everything on a few platforms. However, there are also a lot of natural disadvantages that affiliate marketing programs have in comparison to Hoqu. And if you want to learn more about Hoqu versus other affiliate marketing programs, then here is what you should know.

Hoqu has lower fees

The natural disadvantage that affiliate networks bring with them is the fees. These can be very different: Larger networks often require a setup fee. So pay program operators, or the Merchants, between a few hundred dollars to, start their affiliate program on a network. Some platforms also charge fixed monthly fees, which can add up over time. These packages handle each network differently. Only the sales-dependent commission is the same for all: networks get 30% of the commissions, which are distributed to the affiliates. So if affiliates get 10% per sale, the network will charge an additional 3% commission. In one or the other network, the calculation basis may differ slightly.

On Hoqu that is not the case at all! The main reason why those other affiliate marketing networks charge so much is that they are acting as the middlemen or the go-between you and the affiliate or advertiser. This would mean that they would always take a cut from your profits. So you would be able to save money by using Hoqu because it is a decentralized affiliate marketing platform. That has got a direct impact on your profits through affiliate marketing. A lot of marketers can see as much as a 44% increase in their commissions from pay per clicks and other affiliate marketing efforts.

Hoqu offers more profit and growth potential

The question of which network is best for my affiliate program is often answered by the revenue potential of the program and the financial resources available to it. Also, strategic issues such as a planned expansion abroad could be considered. In terms of both of those issues, Hoqu clearly offers the most advantages. This is because you will be able to get the most revenue potential from it. After all, it is going to charge you less on commissions. And then you are also able to get the most potential out of it in terms of expansion as well as Hoqu continues to grow at an expansive rate.

There is always a higher growth potential when it comes to new affiliate marketing programs. And that is why Hoqu has seen a huge explosion in member growth. If you join up now, you can ride that wave of increased growth and try it out yourself. Now is the best time to join up on Hoqu, because there is going to be a higher return on your investment in the long run. And if you do not believe that, just check out all of the glowing reviews of Hoqu. And see how many other people, who have just joined Hoqu, have benefited from it.

Hoqu combines a great turnover rate with a large network

On the internet, the market is divided among very large and many small to medium-sized networks. And that is why affiliate marketing has stagnated a lot over the recent years. These programs usually charge very high setup fees, but also have a large affiliate base. For most of the others, the start of a program is very cheap, but in principle, fewer turnoversis expected. Hoqu combines the best of both worlds, in terms rate of turnover and growth. This is because the network at Hoqu is only set to continue to grow over the next coming years. And the very low commission's rate that it charges is a testament to this. If you check out the growth rate of Hoqu, you can see that it has got a larger potential because so many people are now joining it because of it of its low royalty fee. And that low barrier to entry is going to keep on expanding the network, which is only a positive thing for current members of Hoqu's network. So join in on Hoqu right now, while things are still extremely hot!


As you can see, there is something for everyone in the field of affiliate marketing, especially on Hoqu, New affiliate programs, such as Hoqu, that bring great revenue potential. You should start first with it right now if you are new to affiliate marketing. And if you are already a veteran in the world of affiliate marketing, then joining Hoqu can be the next big step for you.

For new affiliates wishing to venture out, you will find that for some programs and in different networks, you will need to register and wait for a confirmation of admission to the program before you start. And when you do get your first commissions payment, you will be disappointed, because of the royalty fee that the program takes out. If you join Hoqu, you will not have to face that sort of disappointment at all. It is more profitable, safer and generally better for new marketers!

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