Latium will be available on ios , android and the web . The app is going to feature :

Posting A Task

Clients will be able to create a task as they desire , choose the applicant of their desire and verify if the task they assigned was completed to the criteria they had given . Afterwards a service fee will be charged.

Performing Tasks

Users will be applying for tasks, uploading documents and files related to the task they give , marking tasks submitted to them as complete and request payment for tasks they have completed .

Latium's Very Own Reputation System

Laitum will use a rating system , that will be concise and automated. User scores will range from 0-1000 and will be based on various systematic data points, not opinion based at all . Some of these points will be the amount of jobs completed by a user, the hire rate of an employee ,their payment time, the task value i.e it will be based on a systematic approach.

Latium's System For Physical Tasks

Latium’s will have a physical task locator which will make paying tasks easy and pratical in a fun way. It will show a map to users displaying the available local tasks to which the user has been assigned to complete. The user will collect the LATX coins by walking or driving by and once completing the task, just like it happens in games. Latium also provides standard search filter and list view for those who prefer a business like view. Tasks are going to be verified as complete by scanning the QR codes or by staying inside a defined GPS location for the specified amount of time. All depending on the task creator and the settings he chooses .

Latium's Transfer System

Latium provides it's users with two payment options . One is an internal system that will be real time , it will not depend on confirmation from miners and is going to be be 100% free.
The second will be based on blckchain and will however require miner confirmation.

 Latium Will Provide A Platform For Group Projects 

Latium will also provide a platform to help users work towards a goal together as a group. Group projects could be based on a group of two to three people or hundreds and thousands of people working on great task.
This factor makes latium unique , flexible and very capable to complete any task required.

Manage Your Latium Profile 

Just like Facebook users are going to have their own editable profiles , bios and any other  information they wish to provide . This will create familiarity between both the task creator and the task doers and to know who they are working with.

Laiutm's Very Own Chat System

Latium will definitely have it's own general chat and a task related chat for conversation between clients .

Referrals In Latium

LATX will be paid as comimission those who will refer users .

Searching For Tasks 

The Task Search System of Latium will provide users to find tasks best suited to their desires , needs and abilities.


Fees will always be paid in LATX . The Latium fee system will be based on a nominal fee per task paid by the task creator on the time when he accepts . The system will not require any fee for a time period of the sake of promotion .

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