Before reading this post , it is recommended that you read our other articles about latium first  . In this article we will be discussing about latium's timeline and it's future developments .

How Latium's Timeline Is Going To Be

2018 is going to be latium's year , here's how :

First , Proof of Concept was presented in Quarter 3-4 of 2016

Second , Presenting Application layout and UI/UX design in 2nd quarter of 2017

Third , Base code creation 2nd quarter of 2017

Followed By , Releasing 2nd Quarter of 2017

Then , the initial Token Sale in 3rd & 4th Quarter of 2017

Alpha Release in 4th quarter of 2017

Beta Release 1st quarter 2018

Production release is going to app store and Google Play in 1st-2nd quarter of 2018

Production is going to release to Web in 2nd-3rd Quarter of 2018

On the fly LATX conversion in 2nd-3rd Quarter of 2018 along with Multiple currency integration in 2nd to 3rd Quarter of 2018 as well

Migration to full block chain system in 1st Quarter of 2019


Latium's Future Developments

Latium Will Migrate To A Full Blockchain System 

In the current state the block chain faces some limitations mainly of latency and query issues . Latium is going to be made by the help of a mix of distributed and dedicated multiple data center servers along with the block chain technology . Such a course is taken as latium believes that it is currently the only way to provide a cutting edge application of the enterprise class that provides a competitive end user experience .
As soon as the above mentioned hybrid system is in development , latium claims it will focus on changing to a migrating system by system in the block chain . And the goal will be to make the Latium to be totally dependant on the block chain technology.  This will not be an easy thing to do , however it is important because by doing this latium will allow other enterprise Apps to be 100% block chain dependent. By said process the other revenue models, like the licensing proprietary Block chain DB , file storage, CDN and hosting technologies, will all present themselves. All of this will cause to make an additional layer of value for the LATX holders.


Conversion On The Go 

For the sake of mass adoption ease of access to LATX and other currencies are latium's priority . Users are going to require an easy access to buy or sell LATX . Latium is going to provide for easy exchange by API connections with existing exchanges and using They aim to allow purchases by credit cards and also allow users to withdraw profits in fiat . Users will be able to hold earnings in LATX or convert on the go and get the funds through PayPal.

Latium To Introduce Other Cyrpto Currencies And Fiat Into The Latium System

As soon as latium is in production and working stable , latium claims that a part of their team is going to focus on introducing other methods of payment apart from LATX, such as fiat and other dominant crypto currencies . A fees is always going to be a requirement in LATX, just like how the Ethereum Gas works , doesn't matter if they accept any other currencies .

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