You may not realize it yet, but there is a revolution going on in the gaming world right now! PlayKey, a startup company with headquarters in Moscow is about to change the way we play games much like what Netflix did to the video rental industry. Using PlayKey, you can play graphics-intensive computer games such as Grand Theft Auto: V that require enormous graphics use and split-second decision-making over the internet without having to download it. You can enjoy excellent gaming graphics and access a multitude of games from almost any computer system in the world and it doesn’t matter what system you use. Even on an old MacBook Air, the lag is barely noticeable. All you need to access PlayKey is a fast internet connection.

So what is PlayKey?

Playkey is a new revolutionary cloud gaming platform running on Blockchain technology which helps gamers to play new games on virtually any computer system without worrying about hardware configurations. And they do this at a really reasonably-price. To begin, users will need to access their main website here and sign up to download their PC application which handles the whole process. PlayKey already features a large collection of AAA rated games titles and all Users have to do is pay a fee to connect to the company’s servers. So, irrespective of your system’s hardware your commands are sent from a personal computer to the server and back, much like streaming a show on Netflix except with a great storyline.

This is revolutionary because every year the game industry releases graphics intensive game titles that require more and more powerful hardware. However, due to the high prices, they are not available for all gamers. According to a study based on Steam users research shows that top new products often require hardware specs higher than what most can afford to have. So, by using this cloud gaming platform, users can play top new games anytime, anywhere, using any device connected to the internet without having to buy a high-end computer or console. Eliminating the need to save money for a new processor or video card. This seems to be a potential gold mine.


Playkey + Blockchain

At the company’s inception, they depended majorly on using expensive GPU servers. This wasn’t the ideal solution so they set out to create an absolute new client using the general decentralized Blockchain system. Now many independent owners of powerful computers all over in the world called miners join the Playkey community and act as providers of games to others through cloud/online platform. With this network, we can have a high-level clouding gaming service in the form of a smart mining-gamer contract. This way, owners of upgraded PC gear like the GTX 1080 or analog AMD would be able to rent it to other gamers for a low budget cost.

The greatest advantage of this technology is that it gives users an opportunity to create more cloud services which will further decrease the costs of running the service. This way, the number of users willing to use the system will grow as well. Since most of the hardware on which the platform runs on were bought or modded for mining or gaming, renting their computers to other gamers would be a more profitable way when compared to mining cryptocurrency. On average, a Playkey miner can earn about $10/day which is a great bargain compared to only $1.50/day you can make mining Ethereum using the same equipment.

With this unique gaming platform, everyone becomes a potential service provider. This is great news for crypto/Blockchain enthusiasts as well as owners of mining firm and big crypto centers. This system is possibly the biggest cloud gaming platform in the world with potentially hundreds of millions of customers projected to use the platform over the next 5 years.

Playkey today:

Playkey is one of the leading pioneers in the cloud gaming sphere. The service as successfully shown that its system is efficient and its technology is a success. PlayKey has:

  • Over 1 million unique visitors to their website  every month

  • High customer retention with more than 500,000 paying users

  • Reinforced cloud network with 120 servers in London, Moscow, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt

  • Corporate agreements with major gaming brands such as Ubisoft, Capcom, SEGA, Wargaming, Bethesda, and others

  • Available in EMEA and CIS countries market

  • Has more than 150 AAA games in their catalog with consistent monthly growth

  • A physical office in Europe that is working on development of service in the world

It looks like Playkey is here to stay, with the heightened media attention and covers by the world’s leading technology media as PCGamesN and Techcrunch.


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