Whitepaper Review is a company of Swiss origin, that works to provide its users with the ability to trade safely through a block chain, it main aim is to better the trading system. It allows the users to trade assets in the digital and physical form. (For e.g. oils or metals.) It is a contemporary, efficient system that employs the blockchain, which serves as a decentralization method. The will share in the profits as well as the losses of the liquidity pool the users invest in. It aims to provide various investing and trading features.


Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is new revolutionary technology that protects the client’s data. It uses cryptography to secure its links and the data is resistant to modification. It is a very secure recording method and managed by a peer to peer interaction where, once recorded, the data cannot be altered. ensures transparency and has a receipt for every transaction within the client’s account. This platform invests for the users and distributes gains and loss at 50%. Additionally, they have also decided and displayed a set of goals that they keep on achieving as they get more funds.

Experienced team

The team has been working on trading for a long time now. The advisors that has have also introduced firms like Primus Capital Markets UK and FXPRIMUS that have been very successful. Primus Capital Markets UK was started around 9 years ago and it has been very successful with its transactions amounting to around $180 billion. Its management is extremely accomplished with investment banking, blockchains and trading spaces. The team clearly knows how to handle these trades and have knowledge of what is required including the regulations.


The platform uses tokens for its internal currency and these tokens are used for trading and investment. It encourages the use of these trade tokens over other cryptocurrencies. The E-wallet provides a safe and secure space on the user’s account to store any cryptocurrency, fiat or tokens.

Multi-asset Trading Platform

It provides a new peer to peer platform that can serve individuals as well as institutions equally.

Trade token

This is the new token that uses, as mentioned above, that allow users to share in the liquidity pool. It also provides preference to the payouts for these tokens over other currencies to encourage the use of these tokens over fiats or crypto currencies.

Liquidity pool

This is a pool open to users that provides transparency in all its interactions, trades and investments. All wins and losses are shared among all the traders. It also provides multiple streams. Every day the results of the platform’s investments are made available to all the users of that have a membership. The participants will be given the opportunity to contribute a part of their assets to the pool which will be later paid to them as daily fees, proportional to the token or any other currency contributed to the pool. The participants have to gain a minimum number of tokens, 2500, to gain access to the liquidity pool.

Compliance works hard to fulfill all regulatory requirements, regarding security, multiple jurisdictions and their regulations and anti-money laundering regulations. It collaborates with regulators outside of Switzerland to ensure that it meets the requirements of all the different jurisdictions that their clients are from.

Proper use of Proceeds and Commitment

As its team is associated with FXPRIMUS and Primus Capital Markets, it aims to acquire one or both of these extremely successful companies. They also aim to include the US broker dealer license to encourage fund raising and IPOs in a regulated environment. Evaluations of purchase price will be done in an objective way that is conducted by independent third parties.

The also focuses on integrating the blockchain system into other important platforms and developing it more as a trustworthy transparent system. They are dedicated to making sure that operations are conducted in a regulated environment. And they intend to introduce new products that are more suitable for the trade token’s usage.

Initial coin offering (ICO)

This is an excellent opportunity for all those who wish to be part of this platform. The has issued 500 million Trade tokens, around two-thirds of which will be available for crowd sale. In the Pre-ICO the price of 1000 trade tokens is 1 Ether(ETH). Any unsold tokens will be transferred to the ICO and the selling price will be based on the time period that is divided into four.


Th white paper document on shows dedication and commitment and has huge aims that they are working to fulfill.

This platform does present a revolutionary design and if it works out perfectly, runs smoothly and proves to be successful it could completely change the way people do these trades and definitely in a good way.

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